Researchers Develop First Ticklish Devices Using Artificial Skin

Artificial Skin

Researchers from Bristol and Paris have developed a device that takes touch technology to another level. Their device helps augment devices like phone, computer and wearables.

The researchers from University of Bristol along with Telecomm Paris Tech and Sorbonne University developed the device. Further, they say that the device not only mimics the human skin color but also the resolution of sensing.

Technique Behind Developing the Device

The idea of the research came from developing a device that imitates the human skin. The human skin has multiple layers. And, this concept became the fundamental for the researchers too. Further, they adopted a bio-based approach to develop a multi-layer silicon membrane device. There are three layers in the device. The first is the outer layer which has a texture similar to that of the human skin. Then, the second layer has electrode which conducts electrical signals similar to the skin sensing touch and feel. Further, the third layer is the hypodermis layer.

These layers enable the artificial skin to detect different forms of reactions like a human skin. Using the pressure and location, it detect tickle, pinch, twisting and more. Further, the researchers say that it is the first effort where scientists have used skin in interactive devices. Also, they say that there is immense understanding about the skin among the scientific fraternity. As a result, we should try to use it to the best of its purpose.

Also, there is enough research on the use of artificial skin in robotics. This study opens gateways for using artificial skin for providing inputs to interactive devices.

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