Researchers Develop New Drug to Stop Heart Failure

Heart Failure

Currently, there is no drug available for treating heart attacks or preventing heart failure. However, that may change with the latest discovery by the researchers at the University of Guelph. The pioneering research led by Prof. Tami Martino claim that they have found a potential drug to prevent heart failure.

Prof. Martino, who works at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Guelph, believes that this new drug will help in controlling the repair responses of the body after a heart attack. Furthermore, her colleague Christine Reitz, a Ph.D. student, also shares the same thought.

Heart attack is one of the leading cause of death across the globe. It triggers an inflammatory response that leads to scarring in the heart. Over the years, that scar damage ultimately leads to the heart failure.

The researchers believe that if the new drug is administered within hours of the heart attack, it can prevent dangerous scarring. The drug would also help in eliminating patient’s dependency on taking debilitating heart meds for years to come.

Opening the Door for Circadian Therapies

Prof. Martino, an innovator in the field of circadian medicine, believes that this discovery will open the door for using circadian therapy for the treatment of heart attacks. Such therapy will be able to cut down the risks of formation of heart scars. Thus, it will help in reducing the chances of heart failure.

Virtually, all cells of the human body possess the circadian clock. It consists of proteins and genes that work 24 hours for the regulation of important functions such as blood pressure and heart rate. The researchers used SR9009, a drug that targets an important component of the cellular clock. This drug disturbs the gene expression that leads to an adverse immune reaction after an event of heart attack.

This research is now live on Nature Communications Biology. Prof. Martino and her colleagues will soon begin preclinical trials on a possible therapy technique.

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