Researchers Developed World’s Fastest Embedded Memory with 128 Mb Speed

Embedded Memory

A research team from the Tohoku University led by Professor Tetsuo Endoh has developed advanced spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory – 128Mb-density STT_MRAM.  The writing speed used in embedded memory application in AI and IOT will reach to 14 ns.  It is the quickest write speed for embedded memory application in the world. This development will help in making mass-production of large volume STT-MRAM with a density above 100Mb.

A Next-Gen Technology

STT-MRAM provides high-speed operation by consuming very little power. This is mainly because STT-MRAM retains data when the power is off. In 2018, three big semiconductor fabrication plants have started the risk mass-production based on this technology. STT-MRAM has gained huge attention from next-generation technology, as it is available in main memory, embedded memory, and logic.  Moreover, in computer systems, storage, and handheld devices memory plays a crucial role. Its reliability and performance are highly important for green energy solutions.

As of now, the capacity of STT-MRAM is between 8Mb and 40Mb. However, to increase STT-MRAM practicability, it requires additional density. Therefore, the team at the Center for Innovative Integrated Electronic Systems (CIES) has increased the memory density by intensively developing STT-MRAMs. They have integrated with CMOS with magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs). This will help in reducing the power consumption of embedded memory in eFlash memory and cache.

In addition, MTJs were miniaturized through a series of process development. This was achieved by reducing the memory size needed for higher density STT-MRAM. Therefore, by using small size memory cells, the team fabricated a chip and created 128Mb-density STT-MRAM.

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