Researchers Explore Ways Linking Certain Viruses and Bacteria to Cancer


A pioneering research seeks to discover viruses and bacteria linked to cancer. Thus, the research carried out by scientists at University of East Anglia, the U.K.

Meanwhile, research has already found connections between cervical cancer, stomach cancer and certain kind of infections. The new research paper published on Genome Biology, a scientific journal. The research reveals sequencing of genomic data collected from tumors is to find out information about other viruses and bacteria.

 Whole Genome Sequencing Makes an Entry with an Era of Genome Medicine

Additionally, the research comes as a beacon of hope for the mankind. Therefore, it holds hope to discover cancer-causing germs and then even inventing vaccines for cancer.

Dr Dan Brewer, lead researcher from University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School made a statement. He states figuring of some links between cancer and infections. He further adds that stomach cancer could be a result of presence of Helicobacter pylori along the digestive tract, which also leads to stomach ulcer as well. Certain types of HPV virus are capable of causing cancer in the cells of the cervix.

Dr. Brewer said that tissue of human beings is increasingly total genome sequenced as the humankind enters into an age of genomic medicine.  DNA of any pathogen present in a tumor is sequenced as samples from tumors get whole genome are sequenced. He adds that such a discovery opens up new avenues for collection of data, which will assist in figuring out new connections between various types of cancer and viruses and bacteria.

The team of researchers have made computer simulations. Hence, this is to examine several approaches before conducting tests on the real sequence data of cancer. This is a range to identify some interesting pathogens.

 Meanwhile, Abraham Gihawi, postgraduate researcher from University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School, opined that already there exists a trove of scientific tools for the classification of organisms from their data of genome sequence. He hopes that through identification of viruses and bacteria associated with various types of cancers, it is possible to come up with new vaccines in near future.

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