Reusable Sediment Control Wattles Market: Region Wise Analysis of Top Players in Market by its Types and Application

Wattles are devices used in sediment and erosion control. They are tubes of rice straw or coconut husk and are encased in ultraviolet degradable plastic netting or a 100 percent biodegradable burlap material. Wattles are helpful in stabilising the overland water flow. There are different types of wattles such as straw, coir/coconut fibre, compost and synthetic. There are different uses of sediment control wattles. They are used in ditches for polyacrylamide incorporation, drainage breaks in slit fencing, perimeter barriers, slope breaks and runoff diversions and inlet protection.

Reusable Sediment Control Wattles Market: Drivers

The factors that drive the reusable sediment control wattles market can be related to the advantages of wattles in their respective application areas. For example, coir wattles are popularly used in construction for erosion control owing to their most versatile feature of strength-filtration combination. Fibre rolls or rice straw wattles prove their effectiveness as better slope interruption devices. Advantages of wattles such as environmental friendly characteristics, economical nature, versatility, affordable maintenance, reusability, 100 percent biodegradability and easier installation drive the global reusable sediment control wattles market.

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As new technology emerges, the previous technology becomes redundant. The need for the advent of new technology is to get better solutions with cost-efficiency. New techniques have promoted new trends in the reusable sediment control wattles market. ERTEC Environmental Systems has developed ProWattle, which is more efficient than fibre rolls with respect to perimeter control.

Moreover, they are easy to install, high performing and could be quickly and easily reused. More importantly ProWattle provides cost savings with regards to labour and logistics. It cuts the BMP costs to almost half. Envirotech has developed a product called BioSock, which is an example of compost wattle. It can be reused many times, not filtering stormwater alone but it can also breakdown pollutants such as metals, pesticides and bacteria with the help of the microorganisms present in the compost. Job site sediment control technology spurs the growth of the reusable sediment control wattles market.

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Recent studies have shown the need for controlling stormwater, which results in many types of erosions. Reusable sediment control wattles find their applications in this area as well. Typically, natural fibres are used due to their permeable nature. But for a site affected with polluted run offs, synthetic erosion control wattles have been developed. Reusability in itself is the major factor contributing to the growth of the reusable sediment control wattles market. With the knowledge of the materials required for improving the reusability quotient, many upcoming and already present players have started using their resources to find even better performing and cost-effective wattles and this is likely to push the market growth in the forecasted period.

Reusable Sediment Control Wattles Market: Restraints

There are certain disadvantages of different types of reusable sediment control wattles that reason the market’s restraint. For example, fibre rolls were used in perimeter control; however they have a few disadvantages such as – the rolls fall quickly and need replacement, they are time and labour intensive as compared to other wattle types and they become heavy when saturated causing problems during movement.

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Reusable Sediment Control Wattles Market: Competitive Landscape

There are many key manufacturers in the global reusable sediment control wattles market. Few of them are Durawattle, Gator Guard Environmental Products Inc., ERTEC Environmental Systems, Earthsavers Erosion Control LLC., Envirotech Environmental Consulting Inc., The Wattle Guys LLC and Enviroscape ECM Ltd.

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