Rising Sea Levels Stripping Mississippi River Delta Occupants of Lands

Rising Sea Levels Stripping Mississippi River Delta Occupants of Lands

Global warming and its threats are becoming increasingly evident as climate changes, rising temperatures, irregular rainfalls, and rising sea levels have all steadily started to disrupt our lives. The concern of rising sea level, for instance, is a threat that can cost several countries, communities, and settlements in low-lying deltas their homes and heritages.

In a recent revelation, it has been noted that some Native Americans in Dulac, a tiny settlement in Louisiana, United States, have elevated their houses as a way of dealing with floods that have become very frequent in the past few years. However, the cost of making such changes is mostly prohibitive and such housing could create a host of new issues for people who face limited mobility.

Analysts state that these changes have evolved over a course of several years. Activities such as excessive oil and gas exploration and extraction activities centered at the Gulf Coast, canal construction, routing of the Mississippi river and along with it the land-building floods away from other deltas have all contributed to the situation. Things have become so bad that they seem almost not capable of being repaired.

The landscape has progressively turned into a waterscape and subsidence and sea-level increase are continuously turning large portions of land into marsh and the continuous inflow of water is leaving narrow strips of land just level above the waters. The entire story of what people on such Mississippi River Deltas are experiencing owing to the situation will be presented at a meeting of the Geological Society of America to happen on Monday in Seattle, Washington.

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