Robots to be Flexing Artificial Muscles

Artificial Muscles

The pace at which technology evolves and changes is actually amazing. What was believed to be impossible just a couple of years ago is actually now a reality. Robots are about to enter the next level of technological advancement and would be seen flexing their artificial muscles like never before. Though, it might not seem like much in the basement lab, but with an electrical jolt, a team of researchers is creating such muscles for the future of the mankind.

The Technology to Shows Way for Advanced Prosthetics

Shane Mitchell, University of Colorado Boulder PhD student, states that artificial muscles are actually one of the closest analogs to natural muscle says and it works almost like the natural one. It could be as delicate as picking up a raspberry without even bursting it and also pick up an egg without breaking it yet it is strong enough to lift a even a gallon of water.

Tim Morrissey, who manages the team at the Keplinger Research Group lab, states that creation of such muscles drew inspiration from the world one lives in. The team has developed artificial soft muscle called HASEL, and it could improve robot technology thereby making them much better so as to assist those people who actually need it. HASEL muscle technology could possibly result in much advanced prosthetics for the mankind in future.

Morrisey states that if a robot that has been created and comes with a skeleton frame and with a soft bicep on it that moves down and up and the same can be done with a prosthetic. Whilst other artificial muscles could be unable to stand electric pulses if there’s a sudden electric surge or are bulky, HASEL can even go on to repair itself on its own. Furthermore, it costs around only 10 cents to make with a liquid, electrodes, and rubber shell inside.

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