Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) Crane Market is Primarily Driven By Increased Trading Between Countries

A rubber tired gantry (RTG) crane is a portable crane, especially used to load or ground containers. Besides containers, RTG cranes are extensively used for handling large construction structures, manufacturing components, and pipeline structures. As their name indicates, RTG cranes utilize tires for movement. RTG cranes have a huge metal structure arrangement, which utilizes a hoist equipment in order to perform loading and unloading of containers and other heavy equipment and parts.

The global rubber tired gantry crane market is primarily driven by increased trading between countries. Increase in urbanization, globalization, and industrialization is propelling demand for imports and exports via ships and cargo planes, which, in turn, increases the number of container to be loaded and grounded. RTG cranes are able to move in multiple directions and can achieve flexible motion. They are easy to operate and offer efficient performance. These features make them suitable for loading and unloading operations of containers. Thus, increased seaborne and airborne trading is fueling demand for RTG cranes. Moreover, an increase in in-country transportation of commodities and goods via trains is propelling the global rubber tired gantry crane market.

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A major restraint of the global rubber tired gantry crane market is the lower load carrying capacity of the cranes than that of rail mounted gantry cranes. As RTG cranes move on rubber tires, their load carrying capacity is limited.

The global rubber tired gantry crane market can be segmented based on power supply, number of wheels, and region. In terms of power supply, the global rubber tired gantry crane market can be classified into three categories. Implementation of more stringent emission norms in order to minimize global emission levels, increased fuel prices, and development of more efficient electrified vehicles are likely to boost the demand for electric and hybrid RTG cranes across the globe. Electric RTG cranes are efficient, offer better performance, and are able to move significant loads. Due to this, the preference for electric and hybrid rubber tired gantry cranes is anticipated to increase in the near future.

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In terms of number of tires, the global rubber tired gantry crane market can be divided into two segments. 16-wheeler RTG cranes are used for handling larger loads. 16-tired RTG cranes require a larger area for movement. Therefore, they cannot be used in small spaces. For small spaces, 8-tired RTG cranes are preferred.

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