Sandblasting Media Market : Generate High Revenue from Industrial Sector 2024

Sandblasting refers to the process in which materials such as glass beads, silica abrasives, steel grit, and coal stag are shot at a high speed through an air tool across the surface of a hard material until the surface becomes clear of debris or has a sanded smooth finish. Sandblasting is often used to remove rust or a previous coating/finish on an item, or to prepare the surface before it can receive a new coating. The material/media used in sandblasting depends on the level of difficulty of the removal is and the level of impact the material can endure.

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Global Sandblasting Media Market: Key Trends

Technological developments in sandblasting tools and the increased usage of robotic blasting mechanisms are the key factors expected to help increase the scope of application of the global sandblasting media market. In the next few years, robotic blasters are expected to completely replace manual blasting techniques, chiefly owing to the excellent finish and timely operations achieved with the former and several health threats associated with the manual blasting process. Significant usage of the sandblasting technique across numerous applications in high-growth industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, and aerospace will also drive the market for sandblasting media market.

Global Sandblasting Media Market: Market Potential

Robotic sandblasting is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for sandblasting in a number of industries, especially for work with structures that are hard to cover with the help of manual blasting, either owing to their enormous sizes or parts with hard to reach angles. A recent instance is the use of robotic sandblasting technique devised by SABRE Autonomous Solutions to grit-blast the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The project, which undertook blasting of dirt, old paint, and rust, from over 485,000 sq meters of steel girders on the bridge, utilized blaster pistols and two robotic arms. The bridge, which has a height of 134 meters and spans 503 meters in all, requires continuous maintenance to keep it protected from corrosion. The enormous size of the bridge makes it difficult for manual operations.

Global Sandblasting Media Market: Regional Analysis

The report states that the Asia Pacific sandblasting media market is presently the leading contributor of revenue to the global sandblasting media market. In terms of volume as well, the Asia Pacific sandblasting market leads across the globe. The rising production of automobiles, consumer electronic products, and aerospace and defense vehicles in the region will continue to lead to the excellent demand for effective sandblasting services, driving the overall demand for a variety of sandblasting media. As a result, the Asia Pacific sandblasting media market will continue to be one of the leading markets for sandblasting media.

Developed markets such as Europe and North America account for a lower share of the global sandblasting media market in terms of volume when compared to the Asia Pacific market. However, these regional markets account for a relatively higher share of the global market in terms of revenue owing to the high costs of products. The trend is expected to remain the same in the next few years as well.

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Global Sandblasting Media Market: Competitive Analysis

Strategic collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions of niche product developers are the key trends observed in the competitive landscape of the global sandblasting media market in the past few years. Increased funds for leveraging product portfolios and including autonomous blasting technologies in their offerings has also remained one of the key growth strategies adopted by companies in the global sandblasting media market in the past few years.

Some of the leading companies in the market are Paul Auer, Eisenwerk Würth, Saber Autonomous Solutions, Harsco Metals & Minerals, Prince Minerals, GMA Garnet Pty, MHG Strahlanlagen, Naxos Diskus Schleifmittelwerke, Ensio Resources, Opta Minerals, and GMA Garnet group.

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