Schützengarten Installs Robotic Secondary Packaging System

Schützengarten Installs Robotic Secondary Packaging System

One of Switzerland’s oldest breweries, Schützengarten, is taking pioneering steps in embracing modern advances to stay in touch with current times, by installing a robotic cartoning system in its secondary packaging workflow. The robotic cartoning system has resulted in a significant improvement of the output of multipacks, from 25,000 to 35,000 bottles per hour.

Schützengarten Trying to Preserve Legacy of Innovative Packaging Solutions

Schützengarten is renowned for the diversity of its packaging formats. The company has recognized the benefit of maintaining a diverse array of packaging modes in its repertoire in attracting multiple consumer demographics, and has thus emphasized on this as a key selling tactic. Bespoke and embossed bottles are also a key part of the company’s lineup, thus opening themselves to a more premium consumer demographic.

The new robotic packaging system allows Schützengarten to handle 13 different packaging formats in their factories, making them equipped to provide the diverse array of Schützengarten products. Martin Ketterer, Schützengarten technical director, emphasized on the crucial need of advances such as robotic packaging systems in equipping conventional businesses for the future. The new system opens up a larger scope of possibilities for Schützengarten, especially with the solid sales and corporate network the company has built up over the years.

The robotic system, developed in collaboration by Schubert and KHS, combines the tasks of erecting cartons and sealing them. This leads to a considerable reduction in required floor space, since it eliminates the need for transport units between the two stations. KHS packers and Schubert modules are linked by a Transmodul robot, which provides seamless transition between the two tasks, making the process highly space-efficient.

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