Sea Cargo Packaging Market – Digital Innovation Is Changing the Shipping Industry


Sea cargo packaging is packaging of goods which is shipped from one place to another via sea route. Sea cargo packaging is one of the prominently used packaging among air, train, and truck. Sea cargo packaging is preferable due to higher goods carrying capacity as compared to the air and truck cargo packaging. Sea cargo is packed into various packaging solutions such as bulk containers, flexitanks, large corrugated boxes, drums, flexible intermediate bulk containers, jumbo bags and others. The sea cargo is packed properly to avoid the damage to shipping products. The sea cargo have several benefits such as cost- effectiveness, traffic less and eco-friendly. Sea cargo packaging saves time as there is no traffic in sea routes and use less fuel as compared to the others. Sea cargo packaging have various end-users such as automotive, food & beverages, petroleum & oils and others. Majorly the petroleum & oil products are shipped from one region to another via sea route.

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The global sea cargo packaging market is anticipated to grow over the forecast period. There are several factors which drives the global sea cargo packaging market. One of the drivers of the global cargo packaging is the cost effective cargo packaging. Bulk amount of cargo is packed in bulk containers, drums, flexitanks etc. The packaging in bulk containers reduces the manpower. The other is the high storage capacity of the ships leads to shipment of bulk amount of goods such as containers, pales, drums, flexitanks and others. Ships have larger container capacity as compared to other cargo solutions. The sea cargo packaging saves time as there is no traffic in sea routes compared to the other cargo packaging. Increasing trades and exports leads to propel demand of the sea cargo packaging. However, weather fluctuations may lead to longer delivery time. It is difficult to know the exact location of goods in shipment. Mostly petroleum & oils are shipped through sea cargo packaging. The restraining factors which may hamper the growth of the sea cargo packaging is the over capacity shipment of goods which may rise the situation of accidents.

The global market of sea cargo packaging is segmented in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Europe.  The Europe is expected to dominate the global sea cargo packaging market. APAC and North America also contribute in the global sea cargo packaging market. In APAC, the countries such as India and China are likely to contribute in the growth of the global sea cargo packaging market in near future. Middle East & Africa is also dependent on the export of the petroleum and oils which gives rise to the sea cargo packaging market.

Some of the players of the global sea cargo packaging market are Grief Inc., RPP Containers, Hawman Container Services, Mauser Industries Pvt. Ltd., C.L. Smith Company, Skolink Industries, Inc., Great Western Containers Inc., TPL Plastech Limited, Berry Global, Inc. and others.

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