Seafood Packaging Market Report 2018: Economic Indicators and Product Offerings Worldwide With Future Prospects 2025

Recent trends in global food & beverage industry shows that consumers are changing their preference towards health and wellness foods. Dairy products, meat, seafoods, poultry, fresh fruits & vegetables and others are the major health and wellness foods which are consumed worldwide. Dietary supplements also consumed for this purpose, but due to the lack of product knowledge and fear of adverse or harmful effects they are less preferred by consumers. Seafood is the most preferred health and wellness food worldwide, due to its rich nutrients, availability, rich experience, range of variety and affordability compared to other meat and meat products.

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Seafood microbial deterioration rate doubles with every 5.3oC increase in temperature. Deterioration during causes both quality and weight loss. Therefore quality and type of packaging has great importance in seafood industry. Preserving freshness and shelf life after catch and before selling to consumer is a very big challenge facing by seafood industry. Seafoods lose their freshness and shelf life very rapidly compared to other foods. So there is a need for efficient and reliable packaging for seafoods to preserve their shelf life.

The other challenge is they produce odors, so packaging has to take of this fact that odor should not come out of packaging while stored in retail stores and super markets.  Seafood packaging uses rigid trays with lidding films, pouches, cartons, aluminum containers, molded plastic containers, expanded polystyrene containers and others. Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) is commonly used packaging method, which helps to preserve shelf life.

Seafood Packaging: Market Dynamics

Growing disposable incomes in emerging markets is driving the demand of seafood packaging market in Africa and Asia. China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Myanmar are highest exporters of seafood and they had percentage growth of more than 5% (FAO report) between 2013 and 2014 except India. Growth of high-end and premium seafood, rising consumer awareness about healthy nutrition are also driving the seafood packaging market.  Growing exports of cheaper farmed fish from emerging markets like China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan is contributing a lot to the growth of global seafood production and packaging.

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Global population is growing rapidly (7 billion mouths to feed), rapid aging of the global population are driving the worldwide demand for seafood packaging market. In Europe the scenario has changed from stagnant to moderate growth, but still the area is under some volatile situation due to Brexit (UK withdraws from the European Union) and Grexit (Greek government-debt crisis). The European seafood packaging market is slowly recovering from its stagnant growth witnessed over past few years. Rise of ‘quantified self’ and data driven diets, rising popularity of supplements and nutraceuticals, growth of fast casual foodservice, growing interest in ‘mood food’ are indirectly driving the demand for seafood packaging market.

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