Shift From Rigid to Flexible Packaging Drives the Demand of the Global Evidence Bags Market


With the advent of innovation and development in the packaging, the demand of flexible packaging industry is growing at a very positive growth rate. Unlike rigid packaging techniques, flexible packaging offers cost-effective, easy-to-use, easy to handle, lightweight, tamper resistant, environmentally friendly, disposable and secured packaging products. The arising need for the safety of various delicate items, some personalized packaging products such as security bags are introduced. To secure the crime scene and for prisoner processing, major law enforcement agencies use evidence bags. Evidence bags are the security bags used to safely capture and maintain the evidence found at the crime scenes.

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Evidence bags provide added tamper-evident features to ensure that the evidence is still secured and no entry attempts are made to steal the information. Evidence bags are made up of clear or opaque polyethene films and have serialized numbers printed on that with tear-off receipts. These bags are leak proof and made up of thick, tear and puncture resistant plastic. Few companies are also manufacturing breathable evidence bags to store and secure wet evidence. Various numbers of law enforcement agencies in the world require evidence bags for their day to day operations. This clears the prospects of the evidence bags market.

Global Evidence bags Market: Market Dynamics

The global evidence bags market is expected to have a positive outlook. Evidence bags are mainly preferred by the police departments, forensic teams and crime investigation departments at the crime spot. For the demand prospects of evidence bags market, it is anticipated that the demand will increase over the time because of some major factors. Firstly, for the secure packaging of the evidence traced during the investigation of any crime scene, it is clear that evidence bags are compulsory packaging product for law enforcement agencies.

Secondly, the demand of sophisticated personalised and flexible packaging is increasing day by day. To meet these demands, lightweight, tamper evident, flexible evidence bags are produced. With the increase in the number of crimes is one of the prominent factors that will increase the demand of the global evidence bags market. The shift from rigid to flexible packaging drives the demand of the global evidence bags market.

North America, Western Europe and APEJ are expected to lead the global evidence bags market currently and will continue to do so, over the forecast period. APEJ region is expected to register a solid CAGR, over the next ten years. Japan is expected to contribute a significant share of the global evidence bags market due to its highest per capita expenditure on the packaging.   

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