Skin Packaging Industry – Latest Industry Trends and Survey by 2025

Skin Packaging Industry - Latest Industry Trends and Survey by 2025

Skin packaging refers to a variety of paperboard packing, wherein the product to be packaged is placed between a thin plastic sheet and paperboard. The printed paperboard used for the  purpose often uses heat-sealing coating. Skin packaging is being widely utilized as a preferred variety of packaging technology for a number of part of consumer and institutional products and industrial applications to distribute, market, and circulate a wide assortment of items. Interest for skin packaging has expanded in the previous few years, driven by several developments and changing patterns in the packaging business.

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Skin packaging is widely utilized as a part of consumer products, foods, and industrial products. The utility of skin packaging is driven due to its properties of strength, sealing, low weight, and less requirement of packaging material. Skin packaging accounted for a large part of the overall packaging industry that served the food sector in the past decade. The technology continues to take precedence in the packaging of a variety of electronic components, food products, tools, electronic products, spare parts, and electronic components. The skin packaging value chain involves dealers of raw materials, manufacturers, supply and distribution channels, and applications.

One of the leading factors working in favor of the global skin packaging market is the rapid pace of development of food sector. The vast rise in demand for a variety of food products in easy-to-store packaging formats and the massive consumption of packaged food products, especially across developing economies with rising disposable incomes and changing consumption patterns of the rapidly expanding middle class population across regions such as Latin America and Asia Pacific.

In terms of revenue opportunity, Asia Pacific represented the most promising regional market, trailed by Europe and North America in 2016. The skin packaging market in emerging nations, such as, India and are anticipated to develop at a higher rate over the period between 2015 and 2023. China is assessed to expand at a pace much faster than some other regional markets owing to the massive rise in food consumption and packaged foods, a promising pace of urbanization, and strong financial development.


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