Slider bags Market By Technology, By Application & By End User Industry

Slider bags refer to resealable bags with “zippers” that are used for storing various articles in a secure closure. Growing need to package food products and medicines has revved up demand for slider bags significantly. Recent trends depict that these self-adhesive bags are being increasingly used for storing important files and documents in various organizations. Slider bags are increasing used in the transportation industry due to growing need for convenient packaging, which protects from contamination or leakages. This is likely to boost the sales of these self-adhesive bags in the upcoming years.

In parallel with increase in number of retail outlets, slider bags will witness surge in demand attributed to its moisture sealant and lightweight properties. Trends of using slider bags are not just limited to storing food products, medicines, and equipment, these self-sealant bags witness a robust demand for storing cosmetic products as they are prone to leakages or contamination. Known for its multi-purpose utility, the slider bags are increasingly used for storage of agricultural products.

Slider bags witness robust demand in various industries, but imposition of strict regulations and growing concerns regarding use of plastics has led manufacturers to turn towards biodegradable packages.

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Global Slider Bags Market: Market Dynamics

Manufacturers operating in the pharmaceutical and food sector are witnessing a robust demand for slider bags attributed to its moisture sealant properties. Shrink-wrap packaging and resealable packaging are key products among flexible packages. Technological development and innovation including labelling will further contribute towards growth of the global slider bags market. Attributed to reusable properties, slider bags are known to increase the shelf life of the items or articles enclosed. Repetitive usage for storing food products on daily basis has fuelled demand for the slider bags in the retail sector significantly.

Moreover, manufacturers operating in the food sector prefer packaging food products in the slider bags attributed to its moisture sealant attributes. Use of these zipper bags is not only limited to packaging medicines and food products, but expand to the transportation and cosmetic industry. Growing need for protective packages from leakages or contaminations have revved up demand for slider bags among manufacturers of cosmetic products. Furthermore, these self-adhesive bags witness significant demand in the transportation industry attributed to its light weight and preservative properties.

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