Slip and Tier Sheets Market- Key Players are Specialty Coating & Laminating llc ,KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation ,Continental Paper & Plastics Corp., Dura-Fibre, LLC.

Slip and Tier Sheets Market Overview

For the protection of the products during transportation or shipment, pallets are generally observed underlying the product. This absorbs the shock loads to some extent but the pallets consume a lot of space and excessive material is required for its manufacture. Moreover, separate handling of pallets is necessary due to its high weight. Wooden pallets are now being replaced by slip and tier sheets. These are sheets of thin material consuming very less space than pallets and weighing much lesser than pallets. Slip and tier sheets market is growing for transporting products within a facility or shipping offshores, by replacing pallets due to its various amazing properties and advantages over pallets. The slip and tier sheets market is greatly dependent on the transportation of medium and small sized products within a country or exports from a country.

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Slip and Tier Sheets Market Dynamics

Although, both pallets and slip sheets are made up of paper, but the amount of material consumed by a pallet is around thirty times than that by one sheet. These sheets are also available with round or diagonal corners so as to protect the tertiary packaging from tearing. The slip and tier sheets market is also driven due to the fact that the sheets are generally made up of material like recyclable plastics or kraft paper which makes the sheets completely recyclable. The slip and tier sheets are provided with various coatings which adds on to its properties like anti-slip, slip assist, moisture barrier and many more. These can be used for more than one time and also, not subjected to phytosanitary restrictions. The slip and tier sheets market is greatly driven due to the fact that the sheets not only possess amazing properties but also much economical. Some of the reasons why slip and tier sheets market is has not vanished the wooden pallets is that, with the usage of sheets instead of pallets restricts the usage material handling equipment for bulky products. Also, the clearance provided by one sheet is much lesser than that provided by a pallet which indicates lesser protection from shock loads. Although, this problem can be compensated by usage of multiple sheets instead of one.

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