Smart Solar Serves Energy Needs of Remote Communities Worldwide

Smart Solar Serves Energy Needs of Remote Communities Worldwide

The Internet of Things (IoT) is foraying into the smart energy sector extending its capabilities beyond connecting physical objects over the Internet for data transfer. The technology is now being integrated into off-grid solar to create smart solar.

BBOXX, a solar solutions enterprise has joined hands with Aeris, an IoT provider to provide solar energy to individuals living in off-grid communities in developing nations. BBOXX’s solar-powered battery boxes combined with Aeris’ analytical capabilities are expected to provide the most veritable solution for energy needs of remote communities. Using IoT, BBOXX’s devices can be installed in off-grid areas such as in East and Central Africa and can be remotely monitored.

BBOXX’s and Aeris’ Capabilities Delivers Optimum Service Quality

Energy cost amounts to 6-8% of incomes of individuals living in rural off-grid areas. This is expended to purchase kerosene, batteries, and for charging phones. BBOXX provides solar- powered battery boxes for the energy requirement of small electric appliances such as lights, computers, and mobile phones. The cost of solar powered devices is spread over time to make it more affordable.

Nevertheless, real-time battery usage data, device-connectivity management, and alert management are critically important for the service provider such as BBOXX to deliver optimum service quality. These real-time capabilities also enable the service provider to manage service delivery and provide services at reduced costs. Moreover, remote monitoring also helps solar service providers to comprehend battery energy usage and optimize battery life

Furthermore, Aeris’ advanced analytics capabilities enable BBOXX to deliver superior service. This is with respect to understand device location, identifying device usage pattern, and identifying billing anomalies for the betterment of customer services.

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