Smart Ticketing Market – User Friendly Application of a Wide Range of Smart Technology


The smart ticketing market by ticketing solution could be segmented into HCT Ticketing App, HCE ticketing wallet services, processing systems or host operator system, remote ticket download, smart cards, smart ticket checker app and card management system (CMS). The smart ticketing market by product could be segmented by e-ticket, ticket machine, e-kiosk, e-toll, smart parking system and others. Ticket machine is expected to lead the smart ticketing market segmented by product type.

The ticketing machine is an integration of ticketing vending, smart gating and fare collection systems. The ticketing machine enables the flow of passengers in peak hours and effective operation. E-kiosk is expected to grow at the fastest rate over the next few years.

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The smart ticketing system is a system which enables storing tickets electronically in a microchip. The microchip is embedded on a pepper card and this is known as a smart card. Some of the key advantages of using smart ticking system include safety from fraud, providing passengers with credit or pre loaded ride travels in case of an advance travel, help is reduction or eliminating long queue.

Further smart ticketing system enables the operators and sellers to provide there personalized or customized tickets which suit the requirement of a wide range of individuals and cater to their customized requirements. The smart ticketing system is most widely adopted in the transportation sector. Some of the key factors driving the smart ticket market include successful application of a wide range of smart technology.

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Rising application in tourism and travel industry and applications of systems which are user friendly which could be accessed and easily used by people from all age group is further driving the smart ticketing market growth. Some of the factors restraining the smart ticketing system market include high setup cost and a centralized operating unit for operating the smart ticketing system to operate effectively.

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