Soft Screws Launched to Combine Soft Materials

Soft Materials

Each complex human apparatus, from the first spear to most recent cell phone, has contained various materials wedged, screwed, tied, welded or stuck together. In any case, the up and coming age of tools, from self-governing squishy robots to adaptable wearables, will be soft. Combining numerous soft materials into a complex machine requires an altogether new tool compartment—all things considered, there’s no such thing as a soft screw.

Current techniques to join soft materials are constrained, depending on surface treatment or glues that can limit the manufacturing procedure. For instance, it doesn’t bode well to perform surface treatment or apply glue before each drop of ink tumbles off amid a 3D printing session. In any case, now, scientists from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have built up another technique to artificially bond numerous soft materials free of the manufacturing procedure. On a fundamental level, the technique can be connected in any assembling forms, including however 3D printing and covering. This method opens way to assembling more mind boggling delicate machines.

The exploration is published in Nature Communications. “This method enables us to bond different hydrogels and elastomers in different manufacturing forms without relinquishing the properties of the materials,” said Qihan Liu, a postdoctoral student at SEAS and co-first creator of the paper. “We trust that this will prepare for fast prototyping and mass-delivering biomimetic soft gadgets for human services, design and augmented reality.”

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