Solar-Absorption Varies According to Regional Climates


Several research and development initiatives with regards to optimization of solar energy have offset across the world. In this, researchers have been studying the capacity of atmospheric methane gas to absorb solar energy, and they discovered a new phenomenon with regards to this solar-absorption. The researchers conclude that the amount of solar-absorption by methane in desert regions such as the Arabian Peninsula and Sahara Desert was almost 10 times larger than the in regions with moderate climates. Furthermore, the absorption of solar energy by methane gas was 3 times greater in cloudy weather conditions.

Revealing the Fallacies

The Department of Energy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the US, commonly known as the Berkley lab, asserted the radioactive effects of methane on Earth. They also studied various dynamics of energy absorption for Saturn’s moon, Titan and that of Jupiter because the concentration of Methane on both these planets is thousand times larger than that on earth. Sciences Advances, an online journal published the findings of the researchers at Berkley lab, and the most important point that came out was that the radioactive forcing (absorption of methane) is a function of the cloudiness and surface features of a region. One of the lead researchers stated that the approximation of global methane-absorption volumes through the use of local absorption levels is a faulty analogue.

Vindicating Lab Efforts

The new research would come a long way in overhauling the way scientists view solar-absorption by methane gas. Furthermore, the long-debated issue of lab-incompetency in approximating the volume of solar energy absorbed by methane has also been resolved with this research.

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