Solar Cooling Market Company Profiles, Segments and Demand by Forecast to 2025

Solar cooling is also known as air-conditioning that utilizes solar power. This can be done through solar thermal energy conversion, photovoltaic conversion, and passive solar building design. Solar cooling provides zero-energy and energy-plus design of buildings. Lighting and air-conditioning accounts for more than 50% of the overall electricity consumption in the industrial sector. Thus, industry needs new solutions to reduce the electricity demand of conventional A/C systems.

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This would drive the solar cooling market during the forecast period. Increasing demand for refrigeration and air-conditioning has led to increase in electricity demand across the globe. This would also drive the solar cooling market in the near future, as solar thermal cooling can reduce the conventional electric A/C loads. Key challenge before the market is to reduce system costs.

Based on end-use, the solar cooling market has been segmented into commercial, residential, and industrial. Air-conditioning is a constantly growing industry and is likely to expand during the forecast period. Renewable energy is now a lucrative industry and it is projected to expand tremendously across the globe in the near future. Renewable energy includes solar cooling application and solar thermal energy application which are growing tremendously. The increasing demand for renewable energy is estimated to boost the solar cooling market during the forecast period.

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Based on solar cooling system, the solar cooling market has been divided into desiccant systems and absorption systems. In a desiccant system, air passes through a drying material such as silica gel, which absorbs moisture from the air and makes the air more comfortable. The desiccant is regenerated by using solar heat. Absorption chiller systems, the most common solar cooling systems, use solar water heating collectors and a thermal–chemical absorption process to attain air-conditioning without using the electricity.

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