Solar flow battery – Storing Energy outside the Grid by Integrating Solar Cell and Battery

Solar flow battery

A new development in the energy industry has been forged by scientists in Saudi Arabia and the United States. Solar flow battery, a new device designed by these scientists, is projected to overhaul the energy sector through better creation and storage of electricity. The device Solar flow battery combines the capacities of a battery and a solar cell in a singular frame in order to enhance the energy production standards. The function of this device is to harness solar energy, convert it into chemical energy, and store it for later usage. The new device is expected to open avenues for electricity access in remote areas, and shall play guard to the global energy crisis. The findings of the research were published in Chem journal on September 27th, 2018.

Resolving Limitations of Solar Energy

Despite the proven effectiveness of solar energy in effectuating green energy standards, it suffers from a major drawback of weather-dependent production. Hence, on some days more energy can be produced while other days may be remain scanty on production. Hence, there is a need to store electrical energy that is gained from sunlight, and the new solar flow batteries are designed to perform this function. These batteries are useful in the sense that they combine the synergies of a solar cell and a battery to store electrical energy.

Future Research

The new device – Solar flow battery can be charged electrically which emphasizes on its utility for the contemporary scenario. It is projected that the popularity of the new solar flow battery would be a harbinger of sustenance for the energy sector.

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