Solar Software Anticipated to have Bright Future In Software Market

Solar Software Anticipated to have Bright Future In Software Market

In the last couple of years, there has been a significant opening for the solar PV design software market. In that time, new offerings of fully integrated systems that offer one step functionality and hyper focused on single segment niche services have taken off. However, a huge amount of growth is yet to be observed for the solar PV design software systems depending upon recent choice of systems used by people, the delivery mechanism, and how the users choose the systems.

Founded in the year 2013, Aurora launched its software in the beginning of the year 2015. In approximately fifteen minutes, the complete design can be produced by the users of Aurora Solar software, said an independent software provider. Christopher Hopper, Co-founder of Aurora, said that the Aurora software was being used for designing a thousand projects per week in the year 2016. The number was then raised to ten thousand in the year 2017.

Market realities of the present

From Folsom Labs, Grana provided sober statistics with growth potential of companies in the solar design software market. According to Grana, the company came to know that most of the recent market share is yet in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. According to him, there is still much more growth in terms of convincing people to use software tools rather than Microsoft Word, Google Earth, and Excel. For the solar software market, user conversion is critical and it is a difficult business, says Adeyemo from Aurora. He also suggested that, it is necessary that people have a certain kind of software solution due to higher demands of accuracy.

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