All solid state Batteries Expected to be Promising Candidates For Energy Storage Devices

solid state Batteries

For improving the efficiency of lithium ion battery, which is used extensively today across consumer electronics, researchers have developed a new way. Scientist have created a thin and dense connecting layer between the electrodes of a battery through a cubic crystal layer. Electrolytes have intrinsic characteristics such as complex reaction of the solid liquid interface, thermal instability, and low lithium transport number and therefore it had been impossible for achieving high energy and high power in any current electrochemical devices. Lithium ion batteries are sensitive to temperature fluxes and are even known to catch fire and explode. In order to solve the problems with liquid electrolytes, researchers had been working towards the development of an improved and all solid-state battery without any liquid.

However, in spite of the expected advantages of all solid state batteries the power and energy density of these batteries need to be improved so that they can be used for applications such as long-range electric vehicles. For this, the researchers grew a garnet type oxide solid electrolyte crystals in molten LiOH and used as a solvent on a substrate which bonds with the electrode into a solid state while growing. The researchers could control the thickness and connection area within the layer of the crystal compound which was grown. The newly grown crystal layer can very well be the ideal ceramic separator to be used for stacking electrolyte layer on the electrode layer, felt the researchers.

The researchers believe that their approach may have resulted in the production of an ideal ceramic separator. All solid state batteries are expected to be promising candidates for energy storage devices. The researchers are not planning to fabricate prototype cells in order to be used in electric vehicles and wearable devices.

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