Solvent Based Laminating Adhesives Market is Expected to Grow On the Backbone of Food Packaging Industry


The evolution of the packaging industry has closely matched with the development of solvent based laminating adhesive materials. These trends have led to high quality and technically demanding solvent based laminating adhesives as per government initiative about eco-friendly adhesives. Solvent based laminating adhesives are used in a variety of packaging applications. These include food, healthcare and other industries, due to their high bonding performance and anti-contaminant factors. The solvent based laminating adhesives offers a huge benefits than other method such as high bond strength, lower emission, lesser cure time and lower wastage.

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Such benefits witness to fuels the Solvent based laminating adhesives market. Solvent based lamination adhesives is complete adhesive coverage across the film bonding a combination of films, foils or paper and many such multilayer proving  the high standard performance and versatility. A proper solvent compliance the best bonding solutions for food packaging, and ultimately consumers, a food grade adhesives and superior end product.

Solvent based laminating adhesives: Dynamics

Solvent based laminating adhesive market is expected to grow on the backbone of food packaging industry, which is anticipated to witness high growth during the forecast period. The food packaging industry dominates the solvent based laminating market, accounts for more than half of the global market followed by healthcare. The rapid increased in more end-users for food packaging contributes for the solvent based laminating adhesive market in terms of benefit and net sales in particular for Asia Pacific excluding Japan region. Another key driver for the growth of solvent based laminating adhesive market is high-performance laminations, making them suitable for packaging applications in food and healthcare industries.

Extensive use of solvent based laminating adhesive in packaging of shampoo, spices, edible oil, soaps, aroma products etc. can strengthen the solvent based laminating adhesive market in forecast period. Government initiation, consumer’s perception about eco-friendly adhesives and substantial use of solvent less adhesives lamination is expected to hamper the growth of the global solvent based laminating adhesives market during the next decade.

The demand for the Solvent based laminating adhesive market are expected to be high in APEJ region, especially the countries including China and India. This region contribute to more than half of global Solvent based laminating adhesive market. However, the region such as North America and Western Europe persists a positive growth in forecast period 2018-2028.

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