Spray Bottles: NextGen Packaging Innovation For Dispensing the Liquid Content in a Concentrated Stream


Spray bottles is one such innovation for dispensing the liquid content in a concentrated stream. It is a miniature-sized demonstration of the basic principles of plumbing. Various material types are used for producing spray bottles which can be transparent or opaque in nature along with surface capabilities to be labelled, printed or hot stamped. Customization options are even available for a variety of these spray bottles and these customized bottles form a major segment of the spray bottles market.

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Availability of spray bottles for customization has been one of the noteworthy factor for the growth of spray bottles market. Customization allows bottles to be transformed into different shapes (slim, cylindrical, oblong, round), sizes and capacities. Emerging trend of DIY’s (Do It Yourself) encourages the industry to manufacture the product in a broad range for customers to utilize spray bottles for household purposes. Manufacturers are increasingly providing spray bottles with child resistant closures to keep infants from accessing dangerous liquids.

Some of the key players of spray bottles market are MJS Packaging, Delta Industries, Kaufman Container, Canyon Plastics Inc., Pack Logix, Paragon Packaging Inc., All American Containers Inc. and PB Packaging.

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