Stevie Award for Innovation in Energy Presented to SimpliPhi’s AccESS

Stevie Award for Innovation in Energy Presented to SimpliPhi’s AccESS

Stevie Awards are one of the renowned competitions in the world that recognized the contributions and accomplishments of businesses and companies worldwide. Stevie Awards are the most awaited awards as it helps flourishing businesses to establish a long term impression in the corporate world. The awards are judged by prominent figures from the corporate world and there are over hundred categories in which the awards are presented. This years, the 15th Annual American Business Awards were held with SimpliPhi Power winning the Silver Stevie® Award in the category of the Energy Industry Innovation of the Year. This SimpliPhi Power’s second consecutive Stevie Awards in a row.

Efforts Taken up by SimpliPhi Power

The Stevie Award committee recognized SimpliPhi’s AccESS as a completely integrated energy management and storage solution and its capability to seamlessly assimilate non-toxic power storage into existing and new solar installations for both off and on grid. The CEO of SimpliPhi, Catherine Von Burg expressed her gratitude to the Stevie Awards committee and stated that they will continue in the process of eliminating the hazardous and toxic feature of lithium batteries which are cobalt based. She further said that AccESS is a product that reliably and safely put back power in the consumer’s hands.

Benefits Availed from AccESS

AccESS provides consumers with extra control on their own power as it offers installers a complete solution in order to abridge the prospect of installing, designing, and estimating the leveled energy storage cost for customers and themselves. AccESs is comprehensive plug and play resolution that amalgamates SimpliPhi’s battery technology with the inverter charge regulator of Schneider Electric. SimpliPhi joined forces with numerous installers for the design of AccESS to enhance the scalability, adaptability, and readiness of the technology. SimpliPhi further plans to continue such innovations for consumers to benefit from it and preserve the environment along with it.

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