Strong Ion Gels Could Revolutionise the Electronics Sector

Ion Gels

The electronics industry is witnessing new developments each day which has upped the game of commercialisation within the industry. In a similar feat, a team of scientists and researchers at Japan’s Yokohama National University, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, have developed an ion gel that exhibits self-healing properties in extreme environments and temperatures. This property of ion gels is expected to come in handy during the manufacture of flexible electronic devices, and hence, this technology is being hailed as a forerunner to uncontrolled advancements in the electronic industry.

Properties of Ion Gel

The popularity of ion gels majorly owes to the splendid properties exhibited by these gels; some of these properties are high thermal stability, volatility at room temperature, and ionic conductivity. The researchers involved in the projects showed that the ion gel could heal on their own without any assistance from external environmental. Moreover, all of the experiments were performed at room temperature to ensure that the results were for normal conditions. It was also demonstrated by the researchers that the toughness of ion gels owes to the strength of hydrogen bonds endowed in it.

Wearable Devices

The popularity of wearable devices is projected to be a key propeller of demand within the market for ion gel. Wearable devices are frequently stretched which necessitates the use of ion gels to give an elastic appeal to these devices. Ion gel have the ability to fix the cracks and crevices in wearable devices without the need for external repairs.

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