Study Says that Government Should Act as Consumer for Fast 5G Adoption

Study Says that Government Should Act as Consumer for Fast 5G Adoption

To make the introduction of 5G in India fairly successful, the government needs to play a huge role in the form of a consumer, according to a report. As per the study, the government needs to be more proactive in terms of demanding its use.

More Insights about the Indian Government-5G Debacle

The report was published by techARC, a market research firm. As per Faisal Kawoosa, Founder and Principal Analyst of techARC, the preliminary feasibility analysis and cases should be from the government’s perspective, at least during the initial times. Moreover, as far as enablement of the technology exists, the government plays an equally important role, he further said.

As per the report, an important rural application exists when it comes to ushering in of 5G in the country. And in order to achieve this, the service must first be incorporated properly in urban regions. With both kinds of geographies covered up, only then can a substantial digital presence exist in the country.

A principal campaign that can help in this regard is the Make in India initiative incorporated few years ago. However, this campaign needs to start focusing on the scenario too along with smartphones and other devices. This mainly due to the fact that other 5G supporting device types will be required other than smartphones too. Moreover, the government should not take hasty decisions when it comes to implement the 5G auction, the report says further. According to Kawoosa, the best possible time when this technology can utilized is 2020, after looking at the current situation of mopst telecom companies. In this year, the spectrum auctions need to take place, so that companies would be better prepared.

Lastly, the report added that a special 5G incubation and startup events may be launched to encourage startups to develop the 5G ecosystem.

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