Subsea Injection Systems Market to Register Substantial Expansion by 2025

Subsea injection technology offers major advantages over fixed production platforms mainly in remote offshore locations, where strong ocean currents, deep water and harsh weather conditions is expected to occur and installation of pipelines becomes difficult. Subsea injection systems consist of a single retrievable liquid pump of centrifugal multistage type that is driven by a water filled motor with a filtration module. The filter unit has a self cleaning mechanism with water purging system and hydraulic actuator. The pump can also be delivered vertically for reduced environmental footprint and horizontally for lower fishing friendly structures. Subsea injection technology allows oil & gas reserves to be extracted in deeper water more cost effectively. The demand for subsea injection systems and parts is augmenting around the world, wherein the U.K. is expected to be one of the global leaders in subsea injection systems market. Furthermore, subsea injection system enables increase in the oil recovery by effective placement of well, reduced cost and space, flexibility in water flood design, no deviated wells and reduced environmental impact. Subsea injection system reduces the amount of equipment needed to be installed on topside offshore facility.

Subsea injection systems market can be segmented based on the types of injection systems. Saltwater disposal, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and hydrocarbon storage are some of the types that are used in subsea injection systems. In saltwater disposal, saltwater is mixed with oil & gas, when transported/transmitted to the surface. EOR injection systems are utilized to enhance the exploration and production and extend the life of oil & gas fields with the help of water flooding. In addition, hydrocarbon injection systems are utilized for underground storage of liquid hydrocarbons and crude oil. However, these injection systems are regularly needed to be monitored and tested every five years.

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North America is projected to be one of the largest markets for subsea injection systems followed by Asia Pacific that is expected to be one of the dominating markets as China contributed substantially to the product demand. Exploration and production activities in offshore areas of China, Australia and Indonesia are one of the major factors behind the growth of Asia Pacific subsea injection systems market. Europe is expected to grow at a constant growth rate over the coming years. In the Gulf of Mexico, dilution rates from the sea floor are set on discharge pipe diameter and water depth. Production expenditure is anticipated to be determined in West Africa, Brazil and the U.S. (Gulf of Mexico), chiefly due to the harsh offshore sectors.

Operational, environmental and economic benefits that will drive subsea injection systems market can be achieved with reduction of lost energy, operational flexibility, savings on chemical additives and lower development and maintenance costs. Diminished capacity, damage to disposal wells and shut down due to environmental emissions are the major restraints that lead to continuous hydrocarbon and solids upsets. Separation cost is dependent on physical and chemical characteristics of produced water. Water management services and technologies are expected to grow in line with increasing oil and gas production. Subsea injection systems have much higher monitoring requirements than traditional subsea injection systems owing to shorter response time and more complex sensors.

Some of the major players in subsea injection systems market are ConocoPhillips Co., Exxon Mobil Corp., Brunei Shell Petroleum, Chevron Corporation, CNR International Limited, Statoil ASA, Saudi Aramco, BP PLC and Talisman Energy Inc. among others.

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