Super shipper boxes Market by Marketing Channel, Positioning, Distributors/Traders List and Research Methodology

Super shipper boxes are one of the wide variety of packaging solutions used to ship goods across the world. Super shipper boxes are large cartons, which are mainly used to consolidate multiple piece shipments. Super shipper boxes are used to carry bulk goods, and can be customized as per the size requirements of the client. Therefore, super shipper boxes are expected to witness growth in preference over the forecast period.

In addition, super shipper boxes being sustainable packaging solutions, are expected to have more preference, during the next ten years. Also, super shipper boxes are designed to be significantly stronger than conventional bulk paperboard packaging. Therefore, the outlook for the growth of the global super shipper boxes market is expected to remain largely positive, over the forecast period.

The global super shipper boxes market is expected to grow on the backdrop of the global ecommerce industry growth, which is currently witnessing growth in double-digit figures in many regions. It is forecast that within the next five years, brick and mortar retail format will be completely taken over by ecommerce, in regions such as Europe and North America. The global trade volume is poised to register a spike in growth, with the rapid penetration of e-commerce platforms, especially in the emerging economies.

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In regions such as Western Europe, the penetration of ecommerce is slightly more mature than that of the North America region. However, the growth of ecommerce in the Western Europe region was pegged at around 10% in the last 4 years. Therefore, as ecommerce grows stronger, and replaces the conventional brick and mortar stores, it is anticipated that the global super shipper boxes market will face sizeable demand.

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