Synthesis of New Hybrid Material to Reduce Air and Water Pollution

Hybrid Material

Synthesis of a new class of materials that could replace activated carbon used for controlling air pollution and water wastage could be an important advancement in the domain of environment conservation. The new hybrid material is inexpensive because it is synthesized from solid wastes and an abundant polymer. Currently, activated carbon is used as a gold standard adsorbent to eliminate pollutants from the air and water. The new hybrid material is believed to be more successful in killing pollutants than the conventional activated carbon. It is expected that the energy sector would tremendously benefit from the usage of the new material because it would reduce both, cost as well as resources.

Aiding Environment Conservation

The domain of environment conservation has always remained steadfast in inventing better technologies that are sustainable and cost-effective. The synthesis of the new composite material was also done on the request of the European Commission to develop a sustainable, innovative, and affordable material that can help in reducing the particulate matter in cities. Particulate matter refers to liquid droplets and solid particles that stay suspended in the air and are dispelled from automobiles, fires, and power plants. Sodium alginate was combined with an industrial by-product of high volume to get the new material that would replace activated carbon for eliminating wastes.

Perks of Using New Hybrid Material

The high costs of activated carbon have been a matter of concern lately. In this scenario, the low-cost of the hybrid materials is expected to relieve the bane on the energy sector. Moreover, the methods of synthesizing the new hybrid material is simple and free of hassles.

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