3D Printing

3D Printing Technology

The advent of 3D printing technology across multiple industries has created tremendous buzz in the production and manufacturing sector. On account of the low waste produced during key 3D printing methods such as casting, stamping, cutting, and moulding, a number of engineers and environmentalists have begun considering 3D printing as a green technology. Moreover, 3D printing helps in developing products onsite which eliminates the need to transport finished products. However,

Smart Inks

The 3D printing industry has been focusing on innovations and new product development in the last few years. The launch of new products offers promising growth opportunities, which is likely to take a new step in the overall printing industry. The development of smart inks that converts the 3D printed structure into specific objects has been developed by researchers at Dartmouth College. The printed objects can change color as well

Project BARBARA: Bio-based 3D Printing for the Future

3D printing has been a key part of developments under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020. From bionic aircraft research and research into oncology and neurology to 3D printing bricks, the initiation of Horizon 2020 has been a shot in the arm for the 3D printing sector in Europe. Horizon 2020, the largest research and innovation program conceived by the European Commission, ensures close to 80 bn euro in funding through