Shanghai Is an Emerging 5G Giant Thanks to its Solid Infrastructure

Cellular technology has rapidly evolved from 2G network to a lightning fast 5G network. It has download speeds 10 to 100 times faster than the 4G network. Additionally, it delivers 1000 times the data delivered by the current networks. 5G network is yet to enter the mainstream market as there are hardly any 5G base stations. However, Shanghai claims to be the first district with both 5G network coverage and


Recently, the intelligence agency in New Zealand has rejected the first request of the telecom industry in the nature for using the 5G equipment, which was provided by China’s Huawei technologies Co Ltd. The telecommunications service provider, named Spark New Zealand Ltd who has made the request and further they would review the reasoning before considering any next steps. This decision has come after the Western countries have become increasingly

Study Says that Government Should Act as Consumer for Fast 5G Adoption

To make the introduction of 5G in India fairly successful, the government needs to play a huge role in the form of a consumer, according to a report. As per the study, the government needs to be more proactive in terms of demanding its use. More Insights about the Indian Government-5G Debacle The report was published by techARC, a market research firm. As per Faisal Kawoosa, Founder and Principal Analyst