Clean Energy

clean energy

Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have come up with a way to provide clean hydrogen energy.  Researchers claim that they are the first hydrogen sensors that fulfill the performance demands for hydrogen powered automobiles. Nature Material recently published the findings. . The new devices comprises an optical nano sensor encapsulated in plastic. The hydrogen sensor functions on Plasmon phenomenon, which is an optical process. Plasmon takes place when

Plans to Power Steel Industry through Clean Energy in Austria

Scientists, researchers, and environmentalists are on a quest to find environment-friendly ways of clean energy production. Along the same lines, a team of researchers has put forth the world’s largest pilot project for producing green hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel has several applications such as powering various modes of transport and rocket engines. It is anticipated that hydrogen, along with electricity, will emerge as an important energy type in the coming years.

Clean Energy

The California-based tech giant, Apple recently declared that they have achieved their goal of 100% clean energy for each of its facilities across the globe. Their offices, retail stores, co-located facilities, and data centers that are in 43 countries are operating efficiently with renewable or non-polluting energy. In addition, nine more manufacturing associates have made deals to power each and every Apple production unit with clean energy. Chief Executive of

Unlimited Clean Energy to be Available if Fusion Energy is Harnessed on Earth

Nuclear Fusion is the process that powers Sun. The Sun, like many other stars, serves as the reactor for the nuclear fusion reaction. When two or more lighter atom fuse, vast amount of energy is released along with the production of heavier components. The device that is used to harnesses this energy is called a nuclear reactor. The amount of energy that it generates is vast and clean. However, material

Nexans to Contribute to Clean Energy through its Cable-Laying Vessel

With the rise in the demand for global energy, the need for clean energy also becomes more mandatory than ever.  Along with rising concerns about the change in the climatic conditions, change in energy is one of the most important international concern. Today, not only the countries are building up their own sustainable power source techniques, they are additionally collaborating with different nations too with the motive of enhancing their