Cloud computing

Astronauts Can Make Use of Cloud Computing Thanks to a Supercomputer

Cloud computing is soon expected to make it presence felt at the International Space Station, and help astronauts by enhancing their ability to run data analysis faster in orbit. More Insights about the Super Computer Delivered to the ISS A SpaceX capsule had delivered the Spaceborne Supercomputer to the International Space Station last year in August 2017. As per Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the computer will certainly help improve the various

NuCypher Aims to Armor Big Data with Secure Encryption Layer

Cloud computing offers undeniable opportunities, from providing useful data anytime anywhere, to an ability to analyze humongous amount of data within minutes. In the world as we know it, big data and cloud computing have already sinked their teeth into almost every sector, especially the BFSI industry. However, data security remains the primary hurdle that must be overcome for excellent results from big data and cloud in the future. NuCypher