Renewables Primed for Further Growth This Year

Renewables, the much touted eco-friendly alternatives to highly polluting fossil fuels used for electricity to light up our homes and power vehicles and industries, have had a roller coaster ride in the year gone by – 2017. We saw how the US President Donald Trump backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement saying it is disadvantageous for the nation’s progress and thereby threatening the renewables sector. Despite it, however, renewables

Latin American Nations Frontrunners in Renewables

When it comes to fallout from climate change, perhaps no one has had it worse than residents of Latin America. Nations in the region have been seeing rising number of natural disasters such as deadly storms, floods, and droughts in the past couple of years. Realizing how grave it is, they have invested heavily in renewable energy – one method that is being leveraged by most nations to battle the

Renewables Massively Economical and Cleaner than Liddel Coal: Study

For several years, the government of Australia has continued to support its coal-fired thermal power plants sector despite the massive opposition from environmentalists owing to the carbon-intensive nature of the plant. Though the country has started taking efforts to improve the its carbon footprint on the globe by encouraging developments across the renewable energy sector, it still derives 76% of its total power consumption volumes from coal-fired thermal power plants.

Push for Renewables Grows Stronger

Some of the leading companies in the world are climbing on board the renewables train and are showing a high inclination for being there for the long run. Experts state that the growing ambitions of these companies are eventually condensing down to the economics map. Most of the renewable energy fields are showing significant returns of investments and its becoming a no-brainer to invest in them. The Optimistic Market for