The warm messy circle of humanity is soon to introduce artificial intelligence in the form of robots. Artificial Intelligence implanted into robots is considered as one of the greatest gifts of science to mankind. A recent development by the team of researchers at Yale University states that robotics have now been updated to a new level. This level enables robot to understand the ways and norms of the user and

‘Empowerment’ to Help Program Better Ethical Behavior of Robots

Robots are increasingly becoming common in our workplaces and homes and the trend looks set to go on for the coming years. Many robots will need to interact with people in unknown situations. For instance, self-driven cars need to protect their occupants along with preventing any kind of car damage or robots programmed to take care of elderly people will require to adjust to complex situations and produce a response

Robots can now Feel with 3D-printed ‘Bionic Skin’

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have engineered a stretchable 3D printing electronic sensory device, which can potentially armor robots with the ability to feel the environment they are in, and may even go on to help in printing electronics on human skin. From healthcare to wearables to energy, this bionic skin can be revolutionary for several applications. If that is not all, unlike most discoveries wherein the concept needs