Solar Energy

Researchers Try to Make Most of Available Solar Energy

Global warming is a pressing problem that has led to swift uptake of cleaner alternate energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear, and hydro. Among those, solar power is becoming increasingly popular on account of the comparatively easy and hassle-free installations of devices and the off-grid electricity they serve to provide without requiring massive upfront capital. Policy support for solar energy too is boosting their market. Sensing their usefulness, scientists

Combination of Solar Energy and Hydroelectricity Yields Hybrid System

Technological advancements have made solar energy highly affordable and accessible, which in turn is posing strong competition to oil and gas. The prices of solar energy have significantly reduced in the past few years and now consumers can attain higher return of investment. This progress is opening doors for private businesses, public utilities, and individuals to gain long-term benefits from solar options. Going forward, floating PV (FPV) is gaining popularity

Smart Solar Serves Energy Needs of Remote Communities Worldwide

The Internet of Things (IoT) is foraying into the smart energy sector extending its capabilities beyond connecting physical objects over the Internet for data transfer. The technology is now being integrated into off-grid solar to create smart solar. BBOXX, a solar solutions enterprise has joined hands with Aeris, an IoT provider to provide solar energy to individuals living in off-grid communities in developing nations. BBOXX’s solar-powered battery boxes combined with

Global Solar Energy Investments Exceed Coal, Gas, & Nuclear Combined

With depleting fossil fuel resources, and the well-documented harm to the environment they cause, there has been a collective effort from all the nations to harness renewable resources of energy that are also eco-friendly. And now, the results are beginning to show. As per a recent study by a team from the Frost and Sullivan’s Energy and Environment, global investment on solar energy will be significantly more than that on