Theater Linen Market for Health Care Application – Rising Focus on High Quality and Hygiene Standards to Boost Market

The global theater linen market for healthcare application is witnessing significant traction owing to the increased focus on instigating effective hospital-acquired infection prevention measures. Hospitals are taking critical precautions related to hygiene, especially regarding the usage of linens in operating rooms. Significant funds are being diverted towards the provision of improved and technologically advanced surgical or medical equipment, and clean and tidy patient clothing.

The theater linen market for the healthcare sector comprises linens employed in operation/surgical rooms in hospitals. Type of materials used in the production of theater linen used in the healthcare sector includes traditional cotton or polyester/cotton, disposable/single use, and microfiber. Of these, the segment of disposable/single use material linen segment is anticipated to expand at a relatively higher rate as compared to other material types, chiefly owing to the upsurge in the attentiveness about hospital-acquired infections.

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When using traditional cotton/polyester linen for the operation theater, the hospital staff is required to manually gather and dispose of all stained and infected items after surgeries in high infection areas. This makes disposable linen appropriate for usage in such situations. As a result, the usage of disposable linens has witnessed a significant surge across the globe in the last few years. Healthcare centers are increasingly placing emphasis on the infection control advantage of disposable linen versus the laundering and ongoing costs associated with the traditional linen.

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