Tired of the ‘Big Six’ in the U.K., Own Your Energy Company


What do you do when you get fed up with the whims and wayward ways of energy firms considered stalwarts hence called ‘the Big Six’ in the U.K.? Now, tens of thousands of people in the U.K. have a way out and may be soon be able to fulfill the dream of owning their own energy firm. At least, this is what the vision of two zealous entrepreneurs says: ‘An energy company focused on people and the planet’.

Serving 100% Renewable Electric Energy to Begin in Next Week

Having gone through the trauma for years now, the couple entrepreneur David Pike and Karin Sode ultimately decided to give the ideal a practical shape. They recently launched their enterprise known as People’s Energy, and have already registered over 4,500 customers for their gas and electricity supplies. The supply will begin as soon as the company starts trading, tentatively by the next week.

The endeavor started a year back when the power couple based in Musselburgh, Scotland began crowdsourcing, secured copious funds, and won accolades by winning entrepreneurial and innovation award. Equipped with an entry license from the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), the entrepreneurs began building a team, and finally, opened a business that they call a genuinely people-oriented enterprise capable of offering fully renewable energy. The founders nurse the ambition of empowering one million with controlling their energy supplies by 2024.

Transparency in Profits and Prices is Key any People-Oriented Energy Company

Functioning on the ideals of transparency and integrity, the founders claim that People’s Energy will represent customers on its board of directors and will share 75% of profits. If this is not enough, the company will share accounts, energy prices, and even salaries with their customers. One of the founders strongly believe that energy as a commodity should not be in the hands of few firms, purportedly mirroring the interests of greedy stakeholders, but should benefit the larger mass. David Pike states that on the way to launching their company, they have had amazing responses fueling their noble initiatives.

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