Tray Erectors: Provide Tray Forming Solution for Food, Dairy Products and Beverage Industry

Tray erectors build and designs, wide ranges of trays, boxes that are tailored for customers’ demands.  Tray erectors are used for making trays, by folding corrugated paperboards and applying adhesives on the corners. Stain retaining feature of tray erectors differentiates it from other packaging machinery. The high operational speed of tray erectors further extends its application in the market. Tray erectors are operator friendly, they provide easy loading and unloading of the blanks. They provide extra strength to the material by interlocking sides of the trays and safeguarding the edges. Tray erectors are highly flexible with sizes. they can easily change their dimension. Thus, this feature enhances its applications.  Tray erectors provide tray forming solution for food, dairy products and beverage industry.
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Global tray erectors market is driven by the food industry. Trays and boxes produced by the tray erectors are widely used for exporting fruits and vegetables. Tray erectors formed trays have inbuilt strength, that is required for exporting goods so as to avoid degradation during transit. This factor is a key driving factor for tray erectors market. High reliability and high efficiency of tray erectors proportionally increase the productivity of the plant. This is a fueling factor for tray erectors market.  With the advancement in technology, automatic tray erectors are replacing semi-automatic tray erectors in the market. Automatic tray erectors eliminate the extra labour cost included for insertion of blanks. Additional output during the replenishment of blanks further increases production capacity of the plant. Trays are often sealed by using cheap hot melt adhesive through try erectors, this reduces extra cost. Tray erectors can quickly produce trays of different styles, designs, and different sizes, this feature further drives global tray erectors market. Trays often face faults in joints, these are automatically detected by the fault indicators displays. This feature of the tray erectors market increases the output of the machinery, and reduced extra time wasted during the inspection
Global Tray erectors market is segmented into seven regions including North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) and Japan. North America tray erectors market shows continuous growth during the forecast period, as manufacturers in the region are relying on exporting food and dairy products, which requires packaging products and proportionally packaging machinery. Europe tray erectors manufacturers are focusing towards biodegradable packaging products, and corrugated blanks used for producing trays are biodegradable in nature which is a fueling factor for trays erectors market in the region. Also, rising demand for packaging consumable and non-consumable products is raising the demand for tray erectors in Europe region. Asia Pacific region shows a high requirement for tray erectors, as consumers spending is increasing for the food and dairy products, so local manufacturers over this region are using tray erectors for packaging their products and meeting the required regional demand. Due to the high consumption rate of packing products, global tray erectors manufacturers are focusing towards investing in Asia Pacific market.  MEA region shows great opportunities for global tray erecter’s manufacturers as there is less competition from local manufacturers.
Some of the key players of global tray erectors market are Pro Mach, Boix Europe B.V, Smurfit Kappa Group, Bradman Lake Group, Combi Packaging, LLC, B+ Equipment, Linkx Systems Ltd etc.

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