U.K. Boardrooms to get Spatial Audio Experience

U.K. Boardrooms to get Spatial Audio Experience

Data and Telefonix Voice, the leading player in the field of unified business technology and communication solutions in the U.K., is all set to introduce a highly advanced spatial audio technology and signal processing technology in business communication for the very first time.

Spatial Audio Technology to Boost Productivity through Dolby Technology

Technical limitations have been marring business productivity despite the extensive usage of various audio, video, and web conferencing technologies. Disengaged members in meetings and unproductive meetings are the drawbacks of a monotonous business environment. Here comes Telefonix to rescue with its latest spatial audio technology in the offering. The technology comes with benefits like flexibility, productivity, and increased collaboration.

David Hughes, who is the operations director of the company, said that the deployment of superior Dolby audio technology is expected to bring in real-life precision to all forms of communication. Utilizing advanced signal processing system, Dolby voice comes with excellent audio quality, thereby making conference calls clear and devoid of any kind of distraction, thus, making the entire conversation easier to follow.  The entire room’s conversation is clearly picked up by its 360 –degree voice system and the spatial audio technology presents remote and in-room voices in such a way that they seem to come from distinct location. This makes the entire conversation easier to track and follow.

Telefonix also provides technical support and expertise in a bid to enable business integration and use Dolby Conference Phone with Dolby Voice. This partnership between Telefonix and Dolby will help businesses to make use of the latest sound technology and also protect their existing investment at the same time.

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