UCF Succeeds in Controlling Speed of Light and Sending it Back


There is no second thought that science and technology has come a long way. The credit of another such example of an exceptional discovery goes to researchers at University of Central Florida. UCF researchers have developed a method to control speed of light. Not just that, the research also claims that light, if controlled, could travel backwards.

The researchers used spatial light modulator a special device, to blend time and space properties of light. As a result, it allows to control the speed of a pulse of light. This was the basic technique used in the research.

Nature Communication journal published the results of the study recently. This is a major achievement which aims to gain more effective optical communication. Easing out data congestion and prevention from loss of information are two main goals of this research.. Need to control speed due to increased data transfer rates and number of devices getting online makes discovery important.

Discovery Doesn’t Need Any  Medium to Change Speed of Light

Earlier, the attempted discoveries included passing light through various mediums to control or adjust its speed. However, the new innovation enables researchers to vary the speed in the open for the first time. It does not require any medium to slow or speed it.

Ayman Abouraddy, professor of optics and photonics said, this is one of a kind discovery which can control pulse of a light in free space. This can also provide a wide scope in various applications such as optical buffering. The discovery is quite simple to implement, reliable, and repeatable with much less efforts.

According to the study, the pulse of light can be increased 30 times more than the speed of light. It easily slows down to half the speed of light, and conveniently makes pulse travel backwards.

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