Use of Polymer Membranes to Purify Water from Multiple Sources

Polymer Membranes

Purifying water bodies have been a major concern of international bodies and government organizations across the world. Water scarcity has hit a number of geographical pockets and fresh water resources have become scanty. There have been a number of efforts to find effective solutions in order to ensure that purified water can be supplied to the masses. A team of bio molecular and chemical engineers at the University of Notre Dame and Purdue University analysed polymer membranes to know the effectiveness of their pores in treating water. It was found that the polymer membranes hold tremendous potential for treatment of water bodies, and this has come as a welcome result for all of the researchers engaged in water treatment test.

Genetics of Polymer Membranes

One of the lead researchers stated that most of the membranes used for water purification are fabricated to allow the flow of water through them. This method is superior to the previous because it limits the ability of the water to retain or rebuild the dissolved impurities based on their chemical species. Furthermore, the functionality and nano-structures of polymer membranes are quite well-defined which led the researchers to use them for water purification. Moreover, these membranes are capable of being modified depending upon the type of treatment and level of impurity in the water.

Global Relevance

In areas of limited resources and adverse conditions of water resources, polymer membranes are expected to be a practical solution for water purification. It is anticipated that a large number of water purification units would adopt the technology over the coming years.

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