Vehicle Anti-Theft System Market – Industry Shares, Market Strategies And Key Players

From the simple lock and key to the sophisticated biometric identification systems – the vehicle anti-theft systems have come a long way over the course of years. The underpinning technologies and the devices, meant to thwart unauthorized access to vehicles, have undergone a sea change. The uptake of vehicle anti-theft systems is guided by different factors such as ease of use, financial costs, and threshold for theft.

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The massive increase in the number of vehicles of different kinds, alarming instances of vehicle thefts, and the rising awareness about vehicle anti-theft devices are at the forefront of driving demand in the global vehicle anti-theft system market. Staving off vehicle thefts, particularly in common parking lots, has necessitated the use of more advanced anti-theft systems with superior technology to augment passenger safety and convenience.

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Vehicle immobilizers, for instance, notify vehicle owners on their registered phone numbers in case of a forced entry. The notification also includes image of the person driving the vehicle and the location of the vehicle. All these features have led to the soaring popularity of immobilizers.

The use of cutting-edge technologies such as continuous-wave and pulse-echo algorithms, microprocessors with digital signal processing, inclination and ultrasonic sensors, closed tool chain for configuration and simulation, and rechargeable batteries, in such innovative products has greatly boosted the market. The increasing demand for multifactor authentication and rising use of biometric technology are key factors driving the growth of the vehicle anti-theft system market across all regions.

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