Vein Illumination Devices Market Development Trends, Competitive Analysis and Key Manufacturers Report 2019

Vein illumination device, also known as vein finder, is a biomedical device which uses near infrared light to illuminate subcutaneous veins on skin surface. These devices have applications in hospitals, clinics, private healthcare practices, nursing homes, blood donation centers, ambulances, rehabilitation facilities and academic institutions. These devices are beneficial in case where health problems create difficulties in correct vein identification particularly in elderly patients and for rapid access in emergency situations.
At present, vein illumination devices are majorly used in venipuncture procedures. Venipuncture is the most common invasive medical procedure performed worldwide blood drawing and IV infusion. In addition, the devices are also used in sclerotherapy procedures enabling to identify veins and provide real-time position of the sclerosant being injected. Use of vein illumination devices leads to increased patient comfort and patient satisfaction. Besides, it also improves healthcare professional’s ability to access veins by projecting an image on a patient’s skin which reveals the position of the underlying veins. Moreover, patient discomfort related to the failure in traditional venipuncture procedure is circumvented through the use of vein illuminating devices.
The selection of the vein illumination device depends on the medical need of the patient. There are devices available in various wavelengths and illumination technologies such as magnification, transillumination and infrared technology. Infrared technology based vein illumination is a costlier affair but provides clear image for performance of efficient and accurate medical procedure. AccuVein, VeinViewer, Venoscope and Veinite are some of the major brands in this market.
AccuVein Inc. is the market leader in the vein illumination device market. Healthcare professionals in U.S., Canada, Germany, France and other developed countries are already benefitting from the use of these devices in terms of improving patient satisfaction and reducing procedural failure costs.
Factors such as rising blood donation, desire to improve patient comfort and satisfaction with respect to the medical service and blood drawing for checkup would be contributing to the rising demand for vein illumination devices. Some of the major suppliers in this market includes AccuVein Inc., Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., TransLite, LLC, Sharn Anesthesia and Venoscope, LLC.

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