Video Gaming Becomes the New Playground for Internet Giant, Google

Video Gaming

The ever-expanding empire of Google LLC has now made a foray into the gaming zone with its Stadia cloud service. This new offering from Google allows people to play console-quality video games on a smartphone or a web browser.

The search engine giant anticipates to make it big in the video gaming industry and is also anticipated to fetch US$ 150 bn this year. Google expects that with cloud technology and new gaming features, it will be able to expand its base of audience.

 Fierce Competition Could Leave the Future of Stadia Uncertain

However, analysts are skeptical about Stadia. They say that the outlook of Stadia is uncertain as it would be facing fierce competition from other prominent cloud-based gaming solutions like PlayStation Now. The trend of accessing content from the cloud with the help of any device is what Stadia is playing into.

Michael Pachter is the managing director of Wedbush Securities equity research in Los Angeles. He said that these new services indicate the diminishing need for advanced hardware to gain access to home entertainment.

Last month, Google sold out “Founder’s Edition” kits, priced at US$ 129. Each of the kits came with a Chromecast Ultra wireless connection device and Stadia controller. The pendant-shaped connection device plugs into television sets. These games can be played by making use of Google Chrome on computers or mobile devices. It also works fine on televisions and pixel smartphones, from the second generation onwards.

The monthly subscription for Stadia Pro is US$ 10. The publication will be available in 14 different countries in Europe and North America.

However, according to many analysts, the latest product from Google might end up as just another ‘bet’ from the internet giant. That might walk away if it fails to deliver up to the expectations of people and the creators of the game. With smartphones, it does not need the services of a mobile connection. It can function well with Wi-Fi connections.

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