Vodafone Joins prpl Group

Vodafone Joins prpl Group

Leading multinational telecommunications provider Vodafone has joined the prpl foundation, an open-source community dedicated to furthering the development of smart devices. Vodafone’s primary aim in joining the consortium seems to be to advance the development of software support for widespread use of in-home connectivity devices such as routers. Maximizing its utilization of the growing smartphone user demographic is Vodafone’s key target, making it the perfect candidate for the prpl foundation. The smart homes sector is likely to remain a major development channel for Vodafone in the coming years due to the rising incorporation of smartphone-based operation in smart home technology.

Vodafone Furthers Engagement with prpl Group

Prpl’s Carrier Interest Group as well as the prplWrt working group have both had significant participation by Vodafone engineers and the company has been associated with the development of the prpl group for a long time. The cementing of the relationship between the two entities comes with Vodafone’s head of fixed devices, connectivity, and security, Enrique Marti del Olmo, joining the prpl Board of Directors, the prpl Carrier Interest Group, as well as the prplWrt working group. Making routers easily interoperable with a variety of operating systems and more secure is the key objective of Vodafone’s collaboration with the prpl group, as reliable router technology is vital to maximizing the utility of smart home devices and technology.

The coming generation of in-home services and fixed broadband devices is likely to require significant investment in open-source software and open standards. The prpl’s mixture of key players from the electronics and computing sectors could drive innovation in the upcoming sector, making Vodafone’s entry into the group vital for all parties concerned.

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