Voltage Supervisor IC Market: Dynamics, Segments and Supply Demand with Forecast

Voltage supervisor integrated circuits (IC) monitor voltage condition in micro-controller system and embedded system (this kind of embedded system are part of a complete device that includes hardware and other mechanical parts) which are in under voltage condition. When an under voltage condition is detected in any device, the controller is reorganizes the time till which the under voltage condition remains. This kind of voltage supervisors ICs are installed in devices that are prone to damages due to frequent voltage fluctuations. The global marker for voltage supervisor ICs are expected to witness rapid growth during the forecast period.

Presently, there is rising demand for energy efficient electronic products. Increasing power consumption lead to power conservation and this power conservation can be achieved with higher consumption of energy efficient products. Voltage supervisors ICs are extensively used in cellular phones, MP3 players, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), digital cameras, bluetooth devices, intelligent instruments and industrial controllers. People spend larger proportion of income on consumption of electronic goods and that is expected to drive demand for voltage supervisor IC market.

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These electronic products are easily damaged from voltage fluctuations; high voltage damages its circuitry while low voltage provide incorrect results. Hence, with the growing trend of electronic products, market prospect for voltage supervisor IC is likely to expand also. This is considered as a major driving factor for voltage supervisor IC market.

With the rise in demand for smart homes (also referred to as home automation which includes residential automation for domestic activities such as lighting, air conditioning, heating, ventilation among others), industrialists and manufacturers emphasis on the production of interconnecting devices that will be monitored by mobile applications. This kind of home automation will require rampant use of internet and that is expected to broaden the market scope of electronic goods. Hence, there will be growing demand for voltage supervisor IC and that is likely to act as an opportunity factor for this market.

The market for voltage supervisor IC can be segmented on the basis of maximum supply voltage. The segments are 5.5 V (voltage), 10 V and others. Voltage supervisor IC with maximum supply voltage of 10 V is likely to experience growing market share during the forecast period as this would be applicable for high power consumption industrial devices. With the growing share of industry in world GDP, it is expected that market for voltage supervisor IC with maximum supply voltage of 10 V will grow at a faster rate.

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On the basis of application, voltage supervisor IC market can be segmented into five types such as consumer electronics, communication, industrial, automotive and others. In consumer electronics, voltage supervisor IC have been extensively used in cellular phones, PDAs, digital cameras among others and that is expected to witness growing demand overtime. Industrial automation also uses this device substantially and that is likely to experience significant growth during the forecast period.

According to geographic locations, market for voltage supervisor ICs is segmented into five regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Latin America. North America and Asia Pacific is predicted to significantly contribute to the growth scenario of voltage supervisor IC market. Consumer electronics, automotive and industrial segments are thriving growth trajectories of this region and that is likely to drive the voltage supervisor IC market as well. Asia Pacific countries such as Japan, China among others provide this device at competitive prices and this factor will enhance competitive advantage of these economies in global voltage supervisor IC market.

Some of the leading key players of global voltage supervisor IC markets are STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, On Semiconductor, ROHM, Future Electronics among others.

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